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Improving the dissemination of Mediterranean and European films in the countries of the Euro-Mediterranean partnership involves establishing a distribution support mechanism aimed at encouraging distribution companies to import these films and make them available to cinemas.
The dissemination of Mediterranean films in the European market suffers from particular weaknesses, and the same goes for European and Mediterranean films in the countries and territories of the MEDA region. Consequently, it is necessary to support European and Mediterranean distributors willing to seek out markets for these films.
The Euromed Cinemas programme refunds all or part of the principal costs (purchase or printing of prints, subtitling, promotion) encountered by distributors from the countries of the Euro-Mediterranean partnership in releasing a Mediterranean film in one of the 25 countries of the European Union, or in releasing a European or Mediterranean film in one of the 10 countries or territories of the MEDA region.


After acquiring the distribution rights in his territory for a film produced in one of the countries of the partnership, a distributor must fill out and submit an application form to the Euromed Cinemas programme.

In the application, the distributor must give details of his release plan and an estimated release budget.
The application is examined by a Committee of Experts comprising 6 European and Mediterranean professionals from the distribution and exhibition sectors. This committee meets regularly to examine applications submitted by the distributors and to allocate funding.
Once validated by the European Commission, the Committee of Experts' decision is communicated to the distributor. If the decision is affirmative, a partnership agreement is signed by the Euromed Cinemas programme and the distribution company, indicating the amount of support and the parties' obligations.
To benefit from a support granted by the Euromed Cinemas programme, the distributor must assure the visibility of both the Euromed Audiovisual programme of the European Commission and the Euromed Cinemas programme by inserting the visibility elements on all promotional material produced for the release of the film, whether electronic or on paper.

Maximum amounts of support are the following:

  • 30,000 € for the release of a Mediterranean film in the European Union
  • 18,000 € for the release of a European film in one of the countries or territories of the MEDA region
  • 15,000 € for the release of a Mediterranean film in the MEDA region

Following the film's release, the distributor must provide the Euromed Cinemas programme team with copies of all promotional material (press kit, advertising inserts, posters, flyers, photos of the bill posting campaign and preview screening), as well as invoices referring to eligible costs (listed in the programme guidelines), along with their proof of payment.

The distributor must also send full information on the cinema theatres where the film was programmed during the first four weeks of its national release, notably its results and contacts for the exhibition companies in charge of running the cinema theatres.
After receiving the above documents and information, Euromed Cinemas will then reimburse the real amount of support, corresponding to the sum of eligible paid invoices presented by the distributor.

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